• Exterior, parking area
  • Exterior, tables lined up, restaurant sign
  • Two sandwiches, salad on the side
  • Interior, bar area

A Note From the
Bevins Family

About us

We are doing everything in our power to keep our entire establishment clean and safe following the guidelines from the Health Department and information from the CDC Website.

We want to ensure that everyone who visits 4 Seasons is safe and healthy.

All staff have been trained in proper disinfection protocols and are required to wear masks and gloves at all times while working with the public.

Masks are required when inside the building and can be purchased at cost. If you forget your mask at home give us a call at 651 429 2201 and a server can bring one out for you and have it added to your bill.

Please support our local businesses through this. We want to be able to serve this wonderful community for many years to come.

Together we can do that.
-The Bevins Family